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NSEsoftware, LLC., USA (renamed from International Software Automation, Inc. founded in 1992) located in Henderson, Nevada, USA, is a world leader in the software engineering revolution and software tool development. As its name suggests, NSEsoftware offers the Nonlinear Software Engineering paradigm (NSE) based on complexity science and its implementation support platform, the Panorama++ product family.

Today, software has become the driving force for the development of all kinds of businesses, engineering, sciences, and the global economy. As pointed by David Rice, “like cement, software is everywhere in modern civilization. Software is in your mobile phone, on your home computer, in cars, airplanes, hospitals, businesses, public utilities, financial systems, and national defense systems."

But unfortunately, Software products themselves are not well engineered - many critical issues (low quality and productivity, and high cost and risk, etc.) have existed with software and software development for more than 50 years, and software disasters happen often. The top 10 IT disasters are listed as follows:
1. Faulty Soviet early warning system nearly causes WWIII (1983)
2. The AT&T network collapse (1990)
3. The explosion of the Ariane 5 (1996)
4. Airbus A380 suffers from incompatible software issues (2006)
5. Mars Climate Observer metric problem (1998)
6. EDS and the Child Support Agency (2004)
7. The two-digit year-2000 problem (1999/2000)
8. When the laptops exploded (2006)
9. Siemens and the passport system (1999)
10. LA Airport flights grounded (2007)

In 2011 many cloud computing systems failures were reported (Tim Perdue,), including the following listed ones caused mainly by software problems:
* Sony’s Playstation Network (4/21/2011)
* Amazon Web Services (4/21/2011)
* Intuit Service and Quickbooks (3/28/2011)
* Twitter Service (2/25/2011)
* Netflix Streaming Service (3/22/2011)
* Intuit Service and Quickbooks (3/28/2011)

The root cause is that software is a nonlinear system where small changes may cause big impacts to the entire system – "Butterfly-Effects" - but the existing software engineering approaches are outcomes of linear thinking, reductionism, and the superposition principle that the whole of a nonlinear system is the sum of its parts, so that with those approaches almost all software engineering activities are performed linearly, partially, locally, and qualitatively – those approaches are entirely outdated.

NSE complies with the essential principles of complexity science, including the Nonlinearity principle, the Holism principle, the Complexity Arises From Simple Rules principle, the Initial Condition Sensitivity principle, the Sensitivity to Change principle, the Dynamics principle, the Openness principle, the Self-organization principle, and the Self-adaptation principle. The aims of our book are to offer revolutionary solutions to solve the critical problems existing with the old-established software engineering paradigm based on linear thinking and simplistic science complied with the superposition principle, and make it possible to help software development organizations double their productivity, halve their costs, and remove 99.99% of the defects in their software products, and efficiently handle software complexity, conformity, visibility, and changeability. It covers almost all areas in software engineering.

With NSE and the support platforms, software acceptance testing can be performed automatically, and the developed software products are truly maintainable at the customer site.

The implementation of NSE and development of Panorama++ product family were completed by more than 60 software engineers with 5 years' effort plus more than 20 years practice in advanced software engineering technology development. Panorama++ is the third genneration of the tool family based on those advanced software development technologies; the first generation of the tool family called Hindsight which was chosen by Sun Microsystems as the internal software product test suite for almost all software products except the operation systems; the secend generation of the tool family called Paanorama - “Panorama developed by International Software Automation, Inc. encompasses a complete set of tools for object-oriented software development including tools that assists test case design and test planning. "Software Engineering" Sixth Edition, 2005, ROGER S. PRESSMAN ). Our product customers include HP, HP Japan, IBM, IBM Japan, NTT, NTT Software, Siemens AG, Sony, STC, Sun Microsystems, Sun Microsystems Japan, Toshiba, etc.

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