Downloading NSEsoftware Products for Evaluation

You are welcome to download a trial version of Panorama++ for Java or C/C++ or VB on Linux/Unix/Windows, or any of our white papers describing our product and the NSE paradigm of software engineering.

Trial Version of Product Package from our book published by Springer

1) Go to the website,

2) Enter in the ISBN number,

Trial Versions of Product Downloads

1) All-in-one Panorama++ Package including Panorama++ for C/C++, Panorama++ for Java, NSE_CLICK (automatic tool suite for acceptance testing) for C/C++, and NSE_CLICK_J for Java.

(The following separated products still need to be updated, we will update it as soon as possible.)

2) Panorama++ for C/C++ and NSE_CLICK

3) NSE_CLICK for C/C++ only

4) Panorama++ for Java and NSE_CLICK_J

5) NSE_CLICK_J for Java only

White Papers

Why Does Software Maintenance Take up to 75% or More of the Total Effort and Cost of Software Development? How Can the Effort and Cost Spent in Maintenance be Cut up to 2/3?

NSE (Nonlinear Software Engineering): A New Revolutionary Paradigm For Software Engineering

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