Application for a 15-Day Evaluation License Key (Free)

(You need to obtain the server code for your system generated by Panorama. If you have not made the server code already, please return to the main page ).

How to get the server code:

On Windows NT/95: click on "License" from the main window of Panorama, then click on "Get Server Code". The server code of your computer will be saved in the file code.txt in the home directory of Panorama.

On SUN OS/Solaris or HP-UX: run the Setup utility stored in the home directory of Panorama. The server code will be saved in the file code.txt in the directory which you specified for storing the license key during Setup.

The server code obtained on various days may be different according to the algorithm used, but it will not affect the use of the license key.

Your server code:


Your name:      
Your e-mail:   
Your company:    


If you have filled in the server code, press "Submit". Otherwise, plesae return to our main page.

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