Expert Evaluations

Independent Experts' Reviews of Panorama

Panorama has been selected as one of the "best-of-breed of available tools" for software testing through a "whole product" approach by an independent expert. Panorama has also been recommended by another independent expert as one of a few tools in the specified "Testing tools" category with the comment that "the front end is a GUI that provides many useful reports and code views. ... There is explicit support for navigating through the source code for assisted code inspections and walkthroughs, which are an important bug reduction coding technique. Using the coverage data from OO-Test, it can show analysis of path conditions covered and unexecuted segments."

Roger S. Pressman wrote in his book, "Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach": "Panorama, developed by International Software Automation, Inc. ... encompasses a complete set of tools for object-oriented software development including tools that assist test case design and test planning."

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