We are pleased to offer training courses in the use of our high-quality product, Panorama++, and the revolutionary new Nonlinear Software Engineering paradigm and methodologies.

Here is an overview of our training course:

1) Materials and software (fully-functional version of Panorama++) will be provided.

2) Highly-integrated theory and practice, stressing that students apply what they have learned by solving real-life practical problems.

3) Unheard-of new technologies, concepts, and tools -- for example, how to achieve automated bidirectional traceability throughout the entire lifecycle, automated test case minimum equivalent set generation, intelligent multi-level (system-level, file-level, module-level, and branch level) version comparison, and so on.

4) Students will master a series of high-precision analysis tools to meet operational needs such as the highest standard of quality assurance, US and European Aviation / Space standard RTCA/DO178B Level A quality assurance.

5) Covers the entire process of software development, through project management cost estimates, requirements analysis, system design, coding, testing, quality metrics, configuration management, and maintenance, from an engineering automation and quality assurance point of view. Students will learn of the problems and difficulties in the software development process, and corresponding strategies and practical tools to solve them. Particularly useful for project managers, business analysts, system design engineers, software test engineers, and teachers of software engineering.

6) Easy to learn, since the Panorama++ software is highly automated, highly intelligent, and operationally simple. Most of these tools, even high school students can use and understand.

7) Offers highly graphically linked, traceable, and convertible diagrams, so that software is no longer a pile of paper or a list of statements but it can become colorful diagrams that can link and convert to each other correspondingly.

8) For qualified students, a certificate will be presented by us, International Software Automation, Inc.

Available only in China for now. Please contact us if your company is interested in our training courses, or if your company wishes to cooperate with us and provide our training courses in other countries.

NSEsoftware, LLC., USA