Why The University of Aizu (Japan's first computer university) purchased a site license of Panorama for its more than thousand workstations

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In the spring of 1995 a top computer scientist, professor T.L Kunii, the president of The University of Aizu (Japan's first computer university), and an expert in Object-Oriented software development technology, professor F. Capretz, visited ISA and saw Panorama demo several times. Later on professor Kunii requested professor Capretz to form a team to formally evaluate ISA`s Panorama products.

In May, 1995, professor Kunii informed Dr. H. Ching, ISA's marketing advisor that "Dr. F. Capretz has finished it with the outstanding evaluation results", Professor Kunii concluded that Panorama would be useful for both science research and software education in The University of Aizu.

Based on the outstanding evaluation results, The University of Aizu purchased a site license of Panorama for its more than thousand workstations as a useful software development and maintenance environment for computer science research and software education.


For meeting the research and education requirements and the C++ compilation environment in The University of Aizu, professor Kunii, professor Capretz, professor Gotze, professor Nehaniv, and professor Miniam A. M. Capretz of The University of Aizu provided ISA many invaluable suggestions including Now all of those suggestions have been implemented into Panorama. Those suggestions not only benefit ISA but also benefit all ISA's customers without any extra charge, particularly the support of GNU free g++/gcc compilers in both SUN OS4 and Solaris 2.x (ISA will also support GNU g++/gcc compilers in PC environments in near future).

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